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At Kennesaw State University, students are the center of our universe. The celebration of each student’s success during graduation ceremonies serves as the high point of the year.

KSU normally holds commencement exercises three times a year; in May for Spring semester, July for Summer semester and December for Fall semester. Due to the continued impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the University has postponed commencement celebrations for our summer graduates. KSU will hold commencement exercises when the health and safety of our graduates and their families can be assured and all graduates from prior postponed ceremonies will be invited to participate. Registration information for future commencement ceremonies will be posted on this site. 

Students scheduled to graduate will still earn their degrees and receive their diplomas, consistent with academic standards. 

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate you supporting Kennesaw State University.


There is no doubt that a student’s graduation marks a very big achievement. You have tackled difficult exams, participated in extracurricular activities, possibly completed an internship or research project — all while making life-long friends and memories.

Rather than an ending, commencement (both the word and the ceremony) represents a beginning. It is appropriate that an occasion which marks the beginning of a new phase of life should be conducted with pomp and circumstance, stateliness and tradition. 

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